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60% of millennials use chatbots. Are you empowering or alienating them?

Millennials, a cohort of over 1.8 billion people, account for a quarter of the world’s population and have a combined spending power of $2.5 trillion. By 2025, they will comprise […]

Getting ready for the call deluge when Strong Customer Authentication hits customers

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) means hard work for European banks looking to ensure compliance from day one. Come September, it’s going to mean some hard work for customers too. People […]

RPA vs Cognitive Automation: Understanding the Difference

As the race to outperform the competition heats up, automation is taking over many processes in the business world. But with different types of automation such as Robotic Process Automation […]

Banking & Financial Services
Two steps to success: why financial services companies need to master the customer journey

Financial services companies are under more pressure than ever before to both defend and gain market share, and with so many businesses in the sector citing ‘customer experience’ as a […]

Harnessing omnichannel presence for the ideal customer service strategy

The shift in channels for consumer engagement and communication has become more pronounced than ever. Digital disruption is changing the way people communicate in their personal lives. Messaging tools like […]

How are innovative technologies transforming customer service?

Brands have never been under such pressure to keep up with their tech peers. But while some of the latest technologies may sound like they belong in a sci-fi film; the truth is they have the power to transform how you deliver your customer service.

Keep calm and move house

UK property transactions were up 7.6 per cent in May compared to the previous month – this means utilities companies will spend the coming months managing a high volume of requests from prospective and existing customers, and the importance of these interactions should not be underestimated.

Intelligent automation – the next game-changer?

Intelligent automation enables organisations to perform repetitive tasks at a fraction of the cost of traditional processes, while eliminating human error. A typical case could see labour costs reduced by 25-40%.

A delicate balancing act: how to digitalise your customer service

In the face of fresh-faced fintechs, it’s essential that banks are doing all they can do to digitise their services and provide a truly competitive offer to challenger brands. So, what must banks bear in mind when looking to digitally transform their customer service?

Viva la (digital) revolution!

Exactly two decades ago, the volume of business emails exchanged surpassed that of regular mail for the very first time – and there’s been no going back since.

Travel opinions: how to manage the seasonal spike in customer experience

The summer spike is a key time to both retain old customers and gain new ones – so it’s important that travel companies do all they can to make that all important summer holiday as smooth and seamless as possible.

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