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  • Case Study
  • A leading US-based car dealership moves into the fast lane by leveraging outsourcing

    Firstsource transformative solutions across three pillars - the client’s technology, processes and people - ensured 32% guaranteed cost savings over five years.

  • Case Study
  • Leading UK-based utility leverages outsourcing to transform sales performance

    Firstsource enabled the client to offer exceptional customer service across channels, resulting in improved sales performance and reduced costs.

  • Case Study
  • Top UK entertainment firm lifts sales conversion to stay ahead in the market

    Firstsource leveraged its proprietary customer intelligence solution to enable agent training and process improvements, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

  • Infographics
  • The business case for using insourced teams in contact centres

    Managing persistent staffing challenges is an everyday reality for contact centre leaders. View the infographic to understand how an Insourced team can impact your contact centre operations and SLA.

  • Case Study
  • RPA helps leading US mortgage provider stay ahead by improving agent productivity

    Firstsource helped the client automate high volume, repetitive tasks in its loan set-up, guaranteeing complete data accuracy and improving agent productivity by 250%.

  • Case Study
  • Major UK airline uses customer intelligence to bolster sales conversion and stay ahead of the competition

    Firstsource implemented its proprietary customer analytics solution to deliver exceptional customer experience and identify opportunities to boost sales conversion by 10%.

  • Case Study
  • US telecoms and media giant harnesses advanced analytics to stay ahead of customer demands

    Firstsource’s customer intelligence solution helped the client analyse customer sentiment to customise agent coaching and improve first time resolution rates by 80%.

  • Case Study
  • US telecoms and media giant leverages customer sentiment analysis to stay ahead of the customer experience game

    Firstsource’s proprietary analytics solution helped the client identify and fix the gaps in its customer service process, leading to 6% call avoidance.

  • Case Study
  • A leading UK entertainment company stays ahead of the competition by augmenting agent performance

    Firstsource deployed a structured training programme to equip the clients’ call centre agents with in-depth product and competitor knowledge, leading to 27% increase in revenues and 24% increase in sales conversions.

  • Case Study
  • A leading retail bank tackles the challenge of highly variable call volume

    Firstsource’s outcome-based staffing solution helps the bank match its call centre resources to predicted call volumes, enabling flexible operations and enhancing customer experience.

  • Case Study
  • Top UK bank stays ahead of omni-channel demands with customer intelligence

    Firstsource’s customer analytics solution helped the client pinpoint friction points and deploy corrective measures, identifying $1.5 million in annual savings opportunities.

  • Brochure
  • Workflow Management and Automation Solution

    Sympraxis Workflow Management Solutions integrates with existing business systems to connect your organisation's resources and enhance visibility into end-to-end processes, enabling you to drive continuous improvement.

  • Factsheet
  • Sympraxis – A Proprietary Workflow and Case Management Solution

    Sympraxis® is industry-agnostic and can be used across multiple industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Publishing, etc. to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

  • Case Study
  • Analytics helps a leading online TV service provider improve complaints handling and boost customer satisfaction

    The Firstsource analytics solution helped the company uncover customer insights, apply them to improve their complaints handling process, and increase NPS and “save rate”.

  • Case Study
  • Top UK entertainment firm boosts customer channel efficiency to stay ahead of customer expectations

    Firstsource deployed a customised channel strategy to optimise the client’s mix of service channels and lift channel efficiency by 200%.

  • Case Study
  • Motor and household insurer finds a way to staff evening and weekend shifts without relying on in-house teams

    Firstsource’s flexible workforce helps the insurance company’s contact centre meet customer demand on evening and weekend shifts.

  • Brochure
  • Fast and secure electronic documents submission with SympliSend

    SympliSend is an easy to use, one-stop application that allows electronic submission of documents and correspondence to support the appeals and grievance process.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead of risk: Firstsource reduces monthly risk exposure by £3.5m for a major UK bank

    The client, a prominent bank in the UK, provides commercial financing solutions to businesses. The client faced challenges with carrying out due diligence on a regular basis with respect to monitoring ageing of invoices and contra-trading activities. The Firstsource solution reduced risk exposure by £3.5m per month.

  • White Paper
  • Legacy Modernisation – a prerequisite for survival and growth

    The biggest benefit modernisation brings to the table is it’s cost effectiveness. With the external threat of digital ready competition
    looming large coupled with challenging alternative business models from other industries, an urgent cost effective solution to legacy
    systems is non-negotiable.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with greater revenues: top US credit card provider sees 100% increase in potential collections in top decile

    The client – a leading credit card provider in the US partnered with Firstsource to improve collections from defaulting accounts. The Firstsource solution provides a 100% increase in potential collections from the top decile with an overall 60% potential in the top 50% decile.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with optimised operation planning: Firstsource delivers 93% accuracy in customer call forecasts for leading bank

    The client, a leading Indian bank, required a system to deduce reliable head-count guidance for its customer service support call process on a daily basis. The Firstsource solution provided a 93% accuracy in customer service call forecasts thereby leading to fewer employees on bench and a significant improvement in operations-planning for the process.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with cost savings: a top US healthcare insurance provider experiences $100K reduction in costs

    The client, a leading healthcare insurance providers in the US, was looking to optimize their mailroom operations. The large volumes were inhibiting timely and accurate processing of documents resulting in an adverse impact on costs. Firstsource used a combination of innovative techniques, Natural language process, keyword extraction and fuzzy logic matching to develop a solution that integrated within the workflow.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with reduced cost-to-serve: Firstsource delivers cost savings of $3 million for top UK Bank

    The client, a prominent bank in the UK, provides commercial financing solutions to businesses. The client faced challenges of legacy systems that impacted customer experience and resulted in a high cost of service and exceptions management within their invoice factoring and discounting function. The Firstsource solution reduced cost-to-serve and delivered savings of $ 3 million.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with happy customers: UK media giant partners with Firstsource for 90% increase in customer satisfaction

    The client’s main objective was to find a resolution to low NPS scores as quickly as possible and deliver effective customer service in a friendly and helpful manner. Firstsource undertook an operational assessment of the raw NPS data, then analysed and created an action plan that delivered increased NPS scores and customer satisfaction.

  • Brochure
  • Transform your back office operations using automation, workflow and analytics

    For any organisation, running invoice finance operations efficiently is vital. However, this often involves expensive legacy technologies and complex process re-engineering that diverts attention away from core business. We have the knowledge, automation, analytics and workflow tools and technology to help transform your commercial finance operational performance.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead efficiently: top US healthcare provider experiences 15% boost in collection recovery

    Our client is an acute care health system serving Southwest Ohio, serving 2,000 beds in 5 acute care hospitals. Firstsource introduced a proprietary scoring and segmentation system, optimised customer touchpoints and trained a specialised team in order to help ease financial pressure on the client, while maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with superior customer service: Firstsource delivers 20% reduction in incoming calls for top Irish bank

    Ulster Bank needed a flexible partner with customer service expertise to provide inbound telephony services for customers and support operations. Firstsource’s experience in customer management, its pool of skilled advisers and a local presence in Belfast proved to be the ideal solution.

  • Brochure
  • How to grow your business through advanced customer analytics

    To support growth, customer-focused organisations must understand the importance of data that flows in and out of their systems at every touch point and interaction. Analytics can help harness this data, driving improvements in internal operations and through marketing insight, enhancing business growth.

  • Brochure
  • Maximise revenues by using analytics to target customers at the right time

    Optimising costs is important, but successful companies are now focusing on strategies to drive market growth and wallet share. Firstsource has developed a suite of practical tools and methodologies to help clients identify and act on these opportunities and help increase revenue from existing customers.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with happy customers: Firstsource delivers 10% increase in patient experience scores for major UK healthcare organisation

    The client approached Firstsource to help understand the reasons why patients were contacting them and for help to improve customer service. The Firstsource solution helped the client improve customer experience, reduce cost to serve and increase appointment rates for patients.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with satisfied customers: US telecom giant partners with Firstsource for improved customer satisfaction and annual cost savings of $140K

    The client approached Firstsource to help understand the factors impacting their customer satisfaction levels. The Firstsource analytics solution delivered reduced costs, improved customer self-serve and effort.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with profitability: Firstsource delivers 18% reduction in cost-to-serve for a top UK bank

    The client needed support with customer service issues, where in only 45% of customer service requests were being adequately addressed due to underlying process inefficiencies. The client partnered with Firstsource to identify the root causes and create a strategy for improvement. The Firstsource solution delivered a seamless channel experience and reduced cost to serve.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with channel optimisation: top UK bank experiences annual cost savings of $1.5 million

    The client was struggling to address the challenges and inefficiencies of operating across six individual channels for customer servicing and partnered with Firstsource to help refine the customer journey and optimise channel performance. The Firstsource solution delivered reduced costs through contact avoidance, as well as a reduction in call volume.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with productivity: a top US mortgage experiences surge in agent productivity

    The client partnered with Firstsource in order to create a strategy for the automation of high volume, low complexity processes, while reducing costs. Firstsource's solution achieved significant cost savings, increased productivity and improved data accuracy.

  • Brochure
  • Achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through outstanding customer experience

    Brands cannot afford to provide ‘average’ customer service and must constantly improve and refine their strategies to keep pace with customer expectations and technology advancements. At Firstsource, we are passionate about creating differentiated customer experiences and enhancing customer loyalty, regardless of the choice of channel.

  • Brochure
  • How to harness the power of technology to drive business transformation

    We leverage technologies such as analytics, robotic process automation and digital transformation tools to help clients achieve measurable business outcomes. Using process re-engineering and automation-driven technology helps create more cost-efficient, streamlined, compliant and simplified processes.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with growing revenue: Firstsource increases website conversions by 250% for a leading UK communications player

    A new product launch by the client created an unpredictable level of demand for support by customers signing up, which had to be handled quickly and efficiently. The Firstsource solution, which included webchat, successfully delivered measurable improvements to the client's NPS results.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with delighted customers: top UK mobile operator partners with Firstsource for superior customer experience

    The client originally partnered with Firstsource in 2009 with the objective of creating an exceptional customer experience that focused on reducing contacts, engaging members and providing fast resolution. Firstsource worked with the client to deliver a remarkable improvement in customer experience and journey for the customer base.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with efficiency: Firstsource reduces operational turnaround time by 86% for a prominent UK car insurer

    To stay ahead in a competitive market, the client needed to improve their operational scalability, customer service and productivity, with specific goals around delivering increased capacity in customer management and back office processing operations. Firstsource worked closely with the client to help achieve improved customer experience, increased cross-sales and reduced costs.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with operational scalability: Firstsource enhances customer journey for leading UK transatlantic airline

    The client partnered with Firstsource to support their operations during a critical system cutover project and to provide inbound customer service support. Firstsource successfully identified a range of opportunities and solutions for increasing operational scalability and improving operating procedures, deploying technology, facilities and recruitment in just six weeks.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with satisfied customers: Global entertainment player experiences 94% customer satisfaction scores

    Having established a strategy to create and launch a new content app in the UK and Europe, the client required a partner to provide a complete customer service offering. Firstsource successfully delivered the programme that helped the client improve customer satisfaction, email response times and first call resolution.

  • Case Study
  • Stay ahead with transformation: UK-based not-for-profit body partners with Firstsource for a 100% reduction in complex claims backlog

    One of the key challenges faced by the client was to process consumers’ complex claim applications and they approached Firstsource to help overhaul their claims processes. Firstsource identified a number of opportunities and solutions around improving training and operational infrastructure, while identifying value-add activities that delivered a reduced claims turnaround time and lower cost to serve.

  • Brochure
  • Innovative ways ways to manage collections & financial recovery

    We manage over $4 billion annually in accounts charged-off debt for our customers. We undertake this responsibility with a unique operations delivery model that builds upon our culture of treating customers fairly and finding solutions that meet the highest industry standard.

  • Brochure
  • How to boost your NPS score by making smarter predictions about your customers

    Our NPS Predictor model uses advanced speech analytics to identify the customers that could be the biggest detractors to your business. By using these insights, you can ensure that your organisation is targeting the right customers with the right messages, leading to increased customer loyalty.

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